Nivonim 1969 Reunion Campaign

Dear Nivonim 1969,

Some things never change! After 50 years our Nivo finally had our first reunion! Nine of us attended (many with spouses) from August 2-4 and our personalities remained the same although some had different memories of the summers spent at camp. We retold stories, laughed at our experiences, missed those who couldn’t attend and remembered those no longer with us. The camp remains the same although with newer buildings, additional activities and better food! The weekend included a wonderful visit to  Bauer’s Dam Resort laughing until we cried. 

As individuals and the first class of Nivonim we greatly benefited from all that camp had to offer. Now over 50% of campers are on some type of financial assistance. We together with Sharon Liebhaber have committed to contributing to an Aidah gift over three years of no less than $25,000 (and hopefully more). The need for scholarships is great, and it is up to us to ensure that this next generation of campers have the same Ramah opportunities that we had so many summers ago.   We hope you will participate by making an online donation on this page or by contacting Sam Caplan, at the Ramah office, or 312-690-8332.   Also please give Sam your contact information so we can compile an up to date list and tell other Nivo’69 friends who may have been “ lost “ over the years. We’d all like to reconnect and perhaps meet again sooner than later!

Reunion Attendees:

Nancy Abramson
Leslie Kohn Goldblatt
Steven Greenberg
Mark Gross
Mark Harris
Buddy Hoffman
Terry Soltan Kleinbaum
Steven Tenzer
Nathan Unterman
Miriam Friedson Wells


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$180.00 NUNathan A Unterman
In memory of Abe Unterman, on his 7th yahrzeit.
$5,000.00 SLSharon Liebhaber
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